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The Best Airmile Credit Card Deals

Airmile credit cards allow you to accumulate air miles when you use your card to make purchases. You can use your air miles to purchase plane tickets, travel packages, and other travel-related services. If you desire to travel the world, the air miles rewards and discounts you accumulate with an Airmile credit card will help you achieve your travel dreams. There are plenty of different reward schemes to suit your travel requirements, and this type of card is great for someone who spends large amounts each month and loves to travel - either for business or pleasure.

Airmile credit cards work in the same way as any other rewards card, enabling you can accumulate points or miles as you spend. Obviously, the more points you earn, the further you can fly - and it's vital to consider how many points you'll need to reach that dream destination. Some card providers also let customers add cash to their miles, meaning that they can go to the destinations they wish for less. The points on these cards range from one point for every £50 you spend on some cards, to one point to every £1 on others, and it's therefore recommended to shop around to get the very best deal.

Like with all cards, it's important to make sure that you can pay off your balance in full every month to reap the excellent rewards and benefits on offer. You don't just have to spend Air-mile credit on flights, either, as they can also be used on amusement park tickets, hotel bookings, car hire and even spa treatments and other days out.

A range of Airmile credit card providers offer some great deals to new customers. For example, some cards give you bonus points when you spend over a certain amount, or even a free flight when you book at a partner hotel.

There are two types of Airmile cards to choose from. There are airline-sponsored cards, or bank-sponsored credit cards. With airline-sponsored cards, the focus is just on rewards for one airline company in particular, which is perfect if you normally travel with a certain flight company. Meanwhile, bank-sponsored Airmile credit cards are better for people who travel with a variety of airports and flight companies, as they provide an enhanced range of travel rewards.