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Capital One Credit Card - What's in Your Wallet?

Capital One Credit Cards

Capital One was founded in 1988 by Richard Fairbank and Nigel Morris, and is a US-based bank holding company. Capital One specialises in credit cards, home and car loans and saving and banking products. They started as an independent company in 1995, rapidly rising to the top of the US credit card industry. In 1996, they started their first overseas venture, which was in the UK. They are a large issuer in both the US and here in the UK. It was actually Capital One that introduced the "balance transfer" concept in 1992, meaning that people could move their balances to reduced rate balance transfer credit cards.

Capital One offers a relatively small selection of cards, which is reflected in the simplicity and transparency of the packages. Something that many people admire about them is how straightforward their offers are. They attract a large amount of customers with good credit ratings.

The Classic credit card was designed for people with poor credit or for those who are new to credit. These allow people to more easily keep a handle on their finances, and are a good way to start building or re-building your credit history if they are used responsibly. This is one of the few bad credit credit cards in the market that accept applicants even if they have had CCJs in the past. Credit cards for bad credit like the Capital One Classic give people who have had financial problems in the past a chance to get credit. This card is currently available to people over the age of 18.

The Progress card is designed for people with a reasonably good credit history and who would like to improve their credit rating further. It has a unique interest rate tariff that rewards you by reducing the interest rate every few months if you have been punctual with your payments. The Progress card is also available to those over the age of 18.

They also offer a cashback credit card, the World MasterCard. This card earns you cashback on all purchases without any caps on the amount you can earn. This card is available to those with an excellent credit rating. The Capital One World MasterCard has an annual fee, and your application is much more likely to be accepted if you have a strong credit history and are over 21.

Their cards come with free purchase protection insurance and free Equifax credit reports. You can manage any of your Capital One credit cards online.

Particularly in the past few years, Capital One has gained a very good reputation in the market. They always aim to lend responsibly through matching the correct card to the correct person. Capital One has a large focus on principles and core values to ensure excellence and integrity.