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Compare 0% on Purchases Credit Cards

0% purchase credit cards are good for interest-free borrowing and buying - regardless of the shop you're in or the service you're paying for. Even though most purchase cards only offer interest-free payments as an introductory offer, these cards give consumers the convenience and security of a credit card without having to pay interest at the end of each month. If the balance is not paid off, a new APR will come into place.

Most people only look into how long the 0% offer goes on for, but it is also vital to look at the rate that it reverts to once the offer ends. This type of card is great if you want to spread your payment for your purchases over a period of time, without having the high level of interest on a conventional card. Also an ideal replacement for store cards with a high APR, a 0% purchase card could be what you need to creep your way out of bad debt following on from the recession. Obviously, the quicker you can repay the money you borrow, the cheaper it will be - and a 0% purchase credit card can help you do that.

You can calculate the amount you need to pay back more easily on these cards, as you don't have to factor in any interest rates. You may consider changing your spending habits or credit card usage once the introductory offer of no interest expires, and you should make note of the 0% end date so that you can pay your debts off in time.

These cards are great for those who don't have any outstanding debts, and for consumers who want the flexibility of a credit card they can use responsibly. The best 0% cards around at the moment offer up to twelve months on interest-free spending, perfect for unexpected emergencies, birthdays and Christmas presents.

The availability of one of these exclusive credit cards depends rather extensively on your credit rating. It can be recommended that you download a copy of your report so you can evaluate what your credit referencing agencies will see once you reply. Also, should you find you were unsuccessful with your application, be careful not to reapply irrationally, as all of your failed attempts for credit will remain on your report and may deter lenders in future.