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The Best Gold & Platinum Credit Cards

Gold and platinum cards are usually seen as just for higher earners. However, most people with a good credit rating can apply for a gold or a platinum credit card if they wish. For this type of card, your household or single income must be over £10,000 a year. There are some great benefits that come with having a gold or platinum credit card. For example, credit limits are higher (anything up to £50,000), and there are added bonuses and special deals. Most gold and platinum cardholders get travel insurance and travel discounts too, in addition to extended warranties and purchase protection. If you choose to apply for one of these cards, you can also get some amazing bonuses - as some offer access for first-class lounges, a benefit that can be extended to secondary cardholders.

Gold credit cards are suited to higher earners who want to put all of their expenses for the month onto one card. Both platinum credit cards and gold cards allow a higher amount of cash to be drawn out from an ATM machine than an average card. Apart from looking expensive and flashy, gold and platinum cards don't necessarily always signify a higher credit limit.

When it comes to choosing the right gold or platinum credit card, you need to ask yourself how quickly you can repay your debt, how much debt do you have and what your credit rating is: just like with any other normal credit card. There are different gold and platinum credit cards to suit everyone. If you're unsure, you can speak to someone at your bank.

There can be high annual fees to gold and platinum cards, and this is why you need to think about whether you would be able to make the most out of the services that platinum and gold credit cards have to offer. If you are a frequent traveller, or if you frequently use credit cards for business, the concierge service that some card providers offer can be advantageous - allowing to you to have hotel and restaurant bookings organised on your behalf. Not only this, but if you need a delivery of flowers or another gift organised with immediacy, the attentiveness and exclusivity of the service offered by gold and platinum credit cards goes the extra mile.