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Nationwide building society is one of the biggest building societies in the world. It was founded when two building societies merged in Wiltshire in 1846. Over the years it has been involved in dozens of mergers, including merging with the Cheshire Building Society and Derbyshire Building Society in 2008, and the Dunfermline Building Society in 2009. All of these operate as separate arms of Nationwide building society. It is noted for weathering the recent economic recession better than many of the other banks, building societies and other financial service providers in the UK market. Nationwide currently provides a large amount of mortgage loans and savings as well as a number of other services, and has several hundred branches across the United Kingdom.

On top of providing mortgage loans and savings to many people across the UK, Nationwide also offers a number of other services. It also offers current accounts, personal loans, investments, insurance and credit cards. They also offer a number of commercial and business services.

Nationwide has a very small selection of cards available, but offers a flexible credit card with a choice of introductory offers. They are very competitive and offer some of the best credit card deals for balance transfers and 0% on purchases. Unlike many others, Nationwide's cards do not currently charge a commission fee on foreign transactions, so they are ideal for overseas spending. The APR rates on Nationwide credit cards are lower than the average. A good credit rating is required to obtain a Nationwide card. The small selection of cards available makes it easier for you to decide if the Nationwide credit card is the right one for you. They do not currently offer any cashback, Air miles or reward credit cards.

There are a number of features and benefits that come with the Nationwide credit card, alongside the choice of introductory credit card offers and commission-free purchases abroad. You will also get a Fraud Protection Guarantee which provides round the clock account monitoring and the latest card protection technology. You will also receive access to UK call centres that you can contact regarding your card, as well as the ability to manage your account online through Nationwide's online banking system. Nationwide cards currently have no annual fees. You can apply for your credit card online, although you can also apply via the phone or by going into your local branch.

Due to the building society faring well in the recent recession, Nationwide has developed a reputation for being trustworthy, transparent and robust. They firmly believe in responsible lending, which is a major reason why they have not suffered too much in the last few years. Nationwide tries to help in the UK with housing, finance, community and caring for the environment.