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Halifax Credit Cards

Halifax Credit Cards

The original Halifax was founded in 1853, and was known as Halifax Permanent Benefit Building and Investment Society. A merger involving the Halifax Equitable Building Society in 1928 led the company to become known as the "Halifax Building Society". A merger between the Bank of Scotland and Halifax took place in 2001, with the two companies being renamed as the Halifax Bank of Scotland, or HBOS. The former Headquarters of The Halifax were in Halifax, West Yorkshire. Halifax is now used as a brand of the Bank of Scotland, and has branches in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Along with the Bank of Scotland, Halifax is now owned by the Lloyds Banking group, and has been since 2009.

Halifax provides a variety of financial services, including credit cards. They offer a wide range of cards. Some of the cards have 0% on purchases and balance transfers, whereas others offer low interest rates and no usage fees. They also offer some different types of cards, including student credit cards and cards that donate to charity each time you make a purchase.

Overall, cards available through Halifax have a good balance transfer deal and an average interest rate. Some of the cards they offer are only exclusively available online and not in their branches. Halifax current account holders are offered exclusive deals on certain cards. To obtain a Halifax credit card, you will generally have to have an average to good credit score depending on the card you're applying for. There are a wide choice of colours and designs available; so you can usually choose the card that you like the best.

Halifax are committed to helping you make an informed decision, so compare credit cards they offer, look at each cards features and benefits to see which one will be most suited to your requirements. Generally Halifax does not charge an annual fee on their cards. Halifax will replace your card if you lose it and also offer cover against online fraud when purchasing goods or services over the internet. Many of the cards can be managed online, although not all of them can be, and an "around the clock" service is offered. If you are considering getting the Halifax Student Credit Card, then read the specifics carefully, as the features and benefits of the Student Card are very different to those of the traditional card. You can easily fill out an online credit card application if you decide to go for any of their cards.

Halifax is another bank eager to combat the effects of climate change. They also try to focus on building deep and lasting relationships with their customers, and having a positive impact to strengthen communities. Halifax attracts many different customers because of the services that are available, as well as the selection of credit cards.