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Compare the Best Credit Cards

The best credit cards have low interest, perfect for large purchases that you want to pay off over several months. In addition, many of the best cards on the market do not charge an annual fee, and have the longest introductory period for things like 0% on purchases and balance transfers.

Different people will have different ideas over what is the best credit card for them. Because of this, it is important to firstly figure out what you'll be using the credit card for. On the other hand, you don't know what unexpected occurrence might crop up in the future - so for many people a low interest rate is still important, just in case they can't settle the bill that particular month.

For those with bad credit, there are more things to think about, because not all card companies will let you apply for the services they offer, in that case some of the best cards might not be available to you.. Special credit cards for consumers with an adverse credit rating can be applied for from a range of lenders, where the credit limits are lower than that of conventional cards - sometimes between £200 and £500. Even though bad credit credit cards do not levy annual fees, the interest rate is higher than the average card - sometimes over 30%. The best thing about credit cards for bad credit is that they let you rebuild and repair your credit rating, enabling you to secure credit that is at a lower interest rate in the future. These cards are also great for people who have never borrowed before.

There isn't one 'best credit card' that's better than all the rest - as what you will perceive to be an advantage is subjective. You have to think about your credit history, what you'll be using the card for, how often you'll be using it and what rewards would be most useful to you. Why get a card based on great cashback rates, Airmiles, charity donations or rewards if the interest is extremely high and if you won't be able to pay off the balance every month? If you choose the right one to suit your needs, then you'll be at a great advantage from the start. The best credit cards will reward you more if you use them correctly and don't go over your limit.