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Barclays PLC is a global company specialising in financial services. It was founded in 1690 by John Freame and Thomas Gould, and its headquarters are in London. In 1736, Freame's son-in-law James Barclay got involved in the business. When he became a partner, the company was named Barclays. Barclays is a very large company with a global presence. Barclays is regarded as a universal bank, as it engages in commercial and investment banking. The Barclaycard was introduced into the UK market in 1966, making it the very first credit card available in the UK. Barclaycard is one of the largest card issuers in the United Kingdom.

Barclays offers personal banking services such as credit cards, mortgages, bank accounts and investments, as well as premier, business and corporate banking. Barclaycard Business UK offers businesses card payment and processing systems. The Barclaycard is a popular choice for consumers wanting personal credit.

Barclaycard offers a number of cards to suit different customers, including Platinum and Gold cards. They offer some of the best credit card deals in the market. The cards on offer are completely dependent on an individual's credit rating. There is a card for customers who are new to credit and therefore have a low credit score, and there are also cards for people with an average credit score. Customers with a good credit rating can choose from a selection of platinum credit cards.

The various cards offer a number of different features and advantages, to suit the particular customer. For example, some cards offer great deals on balance transfers. Other cards have 0% on purchases and some simply have a low APR rate. In fact if you have a good credit score, Barclaycard offer one of the best low APR credit cards in the market. Certain cards offer rewards in terms of points or miles. All of Barclays' cards are part of the Freedom Rewards scheme. Whenever you use your card for purchases at participating retailers you earn Reward Money, which you can then redeem towards your next purchases at the selected stores within the programme. You will also be able to take advantage of a number of offers available through the scheme, as well as keep track of your rewards online.

There are also other cards available through which you can earn more specific points, such as travel and air miles. It has partnered with some companies in the UK to make cards that are co-branded and managed by Barclays. You can apply online for many of the cards, as well as manage your account online, if you wish to. Additional services are offered with many of the cards, including emergency card replacement, identity protection service and fraud monitoring.

Such a large selection of credit cards means that Barclaycard has a wide array of different customers, all with the best credit card to suits their needs and requirements. Barclaycard is involved in a number of community programs, and is determined to help combat and reduce climate change.