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NatWest Credit Cards

The National Westminster Bank Plc was founded in 1968. However, it is better known and branded as Natwest. Its original roots can be traced back to the 1650's. Natwest was formed through the merging of Westminster Bank and National Provincial bank in 1968, and went on to become one of the biggest banks in the United Kingdom. Since the year 2000, it has been part of the RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) Group, in a takeover that was the biggest in British banking history. Natwest has over one thousand branches in England, Scotland and Wales, and operates as Ulster Bank in Northern Ireland. Despite its significant UK presence, it also has a presence across other parts of the world.

Natwest offers a number of services in personal banking, private banking (including financial services and retirement planning), business banking and commercial banking. It has many services in personal banking, including: current accounts, savings, investments, loans, mortgages, insurance, travel and international services and credit cards.

They offers several credit card deals to suit different people's needs and requirements. The cards are good overall, many of them have a decent balance transfer deal and good 0% on purchases deals. Most of their cards have an average interest rate. Some cards are only exclusively available online and not available in their branches. Some of the cards are only available to NatWest current account holders.

Natwest have a student credit card that is exclusively tailored to students, which offers discounts at selected retailers and free email or text message reminders when payments are due, helping students to keep a handle on their finances and get used to having a card. This is probably one of the best credit cards for students. Some of their cards offer access to NatWest Travel Service - which takes care of booking holidays or work trips for you, and offers discounts on flights and accommodation. You can get access to NatWest Wine Club for discounts on wines, and get the occasional free gift. To obtain a NatWest credit card you will generally have to have an average to good credit score depending on the card you're applying for.

Some of the cards available from Natwest have annual fees, and some do not. Natwest have an extensive and secure online banking service that can be used to manage most of the cards. The selection of different credit cards may be able to match your requirements if you want a card to transfer balances on, accumulate reward points on or you just want a card for regular purchases. Certain cards may have specific criteria that need to be met, so make sure you check that out before applying.

Natwest and the Royal Bank of Scotland try to focus on providing a good level of service to their customers. They are highly favoured by many students who get Natwest Student Accounts whilst studying, and stay with the bank when they leave University. They also work on creating sustainability, financing renewable energy projects, working with local communities and minimising their impact on climate change.