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Credit Card Articles

  • Spend to Give with the American Express RED Card

    The American Express Red card was launched in the UK as part of the Product Red initiative that gives a percentage of profit to a fund intended to alleviate Africa's struggle against AIDS. This charity credit card is a great way to donate money every time you make purchases.

  • Which Credit Card Loyalty Scheme is Right for Me?

    According to recent research, around 8.65 million people are thinking of getting a new credit card in the next 12 months. 28% of these say that a loyalty reward scheme is the determining factor in their decision. So what loyalty schemes are available and which is the best for you?

  • Reclaiming Credit Card PPI Premiums Now Faster

    The door is now wide open for consumers who were inappropriately sold PPI before to start claiming their compensation. Read more to see if you are entitled to make a claim and how to go about making a claim.

  • Stamp Out Credit Card Late Charges via Direct Debit

    Have you ever incurred charges due to late settlement of your credit card bill? Direct debit is probably the most convenient method of payment and you will never need to worry about missing a payment again. With direct debit you can be certain that your credit card bill is settled on time.

  • One Step to Victory in the PPI Reclaim Battle

    The British Bankers Association has abandoned the legal battle over the mis-selling of payment protection insurance (PPI). Their decision means that the banks they represent will have to pay out compensation to several million people.

  • All You Needed to Know About Cashback Credit Cards

    Thinking about getting a Cashback Credit Card? Everything you need to know about cashback credit cards. These are one of the best types of reward credit cards available on the market offering hard cash every time you make purchases.

  • Why Booking Flights with Your Credit Card is the Best Way to Go

    Why you should always book flights using a credit card. Credit cards are the most secure method of payment when it comes to booking flights and they will provide additional cover in unfortunate circumstances that other methods of payment cannot offer.

  • Three Common Credit Card Mistakes You Should Never Commit

    Three of the most common mistakes that many credit card users make and why you should try to avoid making those mistakes. This article tells you how to avoid making these common mistakes so you can maintain a good credit rating and save yourself money at the same time.