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Credit Card Articles

  • Bad Credit Credit Cards: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

    If you have a poor credit rating then you will have undoubtedly found it difficult to obtain a credit card. Bad credit credit cards were designed for exactly that reason, read everything you will ever wanted to know about them.

  • The Most Exclusive Credit Cards

    What are the most exclusive credit cards in the world? Theses elite cards come with some amazing perks and offer their holders access to the most desirable luxuries in life. Let's explore the American Express Centurion, Coutts Purple World MasterCard, Dubai First Royale World MasterCard, Visa Black Card, Stratus Rewards Card and the Bank of America Accolades Card. Not that you'll ever get to have one.

  • Understanding your Credit Card Statement

    Your credit card statement provides a detailed monthly preview of your account. This article is a guide to understanding your credit card statement. Let's look at all the parts that make up your credit card statement and what they all mean.

  • Taking advantage of 0% Purchase Credit Card deals

    What are 0% Purchase Credit Cards and how can you take advantage of them? Read how you can save or even make money by taking advantage of the plethora of deals offering you 0% on new purchases.

  • Is it worth getting a Platinum Credit Card?

    Are Platinum Credit Cards worth applying for? Platinum credit cards are more exclusive and prestigious than normal credit cards. They generally come with many additional perks for the card holder. Let's explore the benefits and draw backs of platinum cards, to determine whether they are worth it.

  • Representative APR Explained

    Representative APR is a term part of the new guidelines known as the Consumer Credit Directive that UK financial providers are going to have to adhere to as of Feb 1, 2011. Let look at what Representative APR is and what it means for consumers.

  • Drop in UK Credit Card Fraud - What it Means for You?

    The UK has managed to lower credit card fraud cases for two years in a row according to research published on 9th March 2011. What does this mean for you and what can you do to help continue the decline in fraud.

  • How to Improve Your Credit Rating

    Your credit score will affect your chances of obtaining a credit card or loan. It will also determine how much interest you will end up paying on your credit card balance, loans, mortgages, and any other lending for that matter. So how can you improve your credit rating?